This is Hajime
The easiest yet most powerful tool to start and manage your Minecraft server.
Easy To Use
Hajime provides easy installation so you can get playing on your server sooner.
Aikar's Flags
Optimize your server with Aikar's Flags right out of the box.
Feature Packed
Use advanced features like file logging, asynchronous management, and more.
Super Fast
Hajime is always blazing-fast no matter what platform you use it on.
Cross Platform
Hajime is supported on Linux, Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.
Open Source
Hajime is licensed under the AGPLv3 and costs nothing to use or redistribute.
Hajime supports multiple languages. We'd love your contributions!
Memory Safe
Say sayonara to memory leaks thanks to Hajime's Modern-C++ programming.
Get Hajime
Copy and paste this command into the terminal.
sh <(curl -L
Or, go to the GitHub Releases page and download the latest version.
Go to the GitHub Releases page and download the latest version for Windows.
Talk Hajime
Get support for Hajime in our Discord group here.
Why Hajime
If you're looking to start a Minecraft server and don't know what a "server.jar" or "Java flags" are, then Hajime is your ticket. No more hassle from other startup scripts!

If you're a power user wanting to get the maximum performance and features from your servers without using Docker or Kubernetes, then Hajime is for you. Take advantage of multithreading and more!

If you're a programmer interested in free, open source software, then Hajime is just what the doctor ordered. We couldn't have done it without you!

No matter who you are, Hajime is here to help.
About Hajime
Hajime was created to fill a void in the world of Minecraft servers. Unlike other startup scripts which are more developer-oriented, Hajime focuses on a pure user experience. That is, we focus on making it easy for everyone. This means creating a powerful user interface while still retaining comprehensability. What's more is that most other startup scripts have dependencies; this means you need extra software to run them. Hajime is different. If you can compile it, then it'll run.

All of these factors combine together to create a program that's user-friendly yet jam-packed with functionality.
Help Hajime
As Hajime is open-source, we'd love your contributions. Check out our GitHub page at
Using Hajime
See the GitHub page for instructions on installation and usage.
Hajime is supported on macOS. Unfortunately, the main development happens on Linux. To fix this, MacStadium's FOSS program lets us use a free Mac Mini to develop Hajime with. Check MacStadium out here!
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